Hi, I'm Suresh

Enjoy every day with good organization

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Productivity Advisor

I help people to be more organized and productive.


Digital Creator

I make Notion Templates to help you organize your life and work.

Project Manager

Working for years in the position of project manager and sales manager.

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Twitter Thread

In December, I started getting more serious about Twitter. Although I use some additional apps, I need a place to plan and store my tweets. That's exactly why I created a simple, efficient and reviewed Template.


Nutrition planer

A healthy physical appearance depends on what you eat. Nutrition and its organization should become a very important aspect of your life. Our Notion solution makes it easy to manage and organize your recipes, meal plans and keep essential blogs.


Lifestyle Habit Tracker

I have created a Lifestyle Habit Tracker that will make tracking your habits a lot easier for you. Track your daily activity, the amount of liquid, have you been walking, have you taken your medicine etc.